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株式会社伍代は愛知県豊田市に創業して以来、地域の皆さまからご愛顧とご厚情をたまわり着実に成長してきました。不動産の買取や査定、販売、仲介など、総合的なサービスをもちろん提供いたしておりますが、とりわけ不動産の高額買取・高額査定にご好… Read More

Track tested performance and outstanding efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: the Focus ST delivers it all, in one thrilling package. With its 2-litre EcoBoost engine, the Ford Focus ST delivers exhilarating power. Extremely happy with my first performance part purchase for my 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. J.D. Power and Associates' 2017… Read More

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few months you might have heard rumblings on social media about Fortnite. Many gamers may have been fooled by this hoax tweet because of its timing: it was posted shortly after Bluehole Studio — the creator of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds — filed an actual copyright infringement lawsuit again… Read More

Shadow people are reported worldwide and since the beginning of recorded history. Due to the cultural influence and the perception that shadow people may in fact be "ghosts", people who experience this external hallucination may attribute it to the paranormal or other irrational causes rather than accepting that it is a natural effect of abnormal b… Read More